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Lewis and Clark

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2433 Emerson Street

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A white pelican takes flight near the Great Falls of the Missouri

Members of our Board of Directors

Chapter Officers

President:  Philippa Newfield

Vice President:  Arend Flick

Treasurer:  Keith Kvenvolden

Secretary:  Frances McVittie

Directors at Large

Virginia Hammerness

Erin Hess

John Hess

Mark Jordan

Ken Jutzi

Immediate Past President

Phillip Gordon   





Keepers of the Story

Stewards of the TrailSM





Website Admin

Ken Jutzi


Our Purpose

We are a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to stimulating public appreciation of the Lewis and Clark Expedition’s contributions to America’s heritage.  We actively support education, research, development, and preservation of the Lewis and Clark experience, and we seek ways to support trail stewardship.  We also have fun!


Come Join the Adventure!

Anyone can join our Chapter, the Foundation, or both and we encourage you to do so.  To learn how, please visit our Membership page.

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