Our 2007 Spring Gathering


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Members of the Discovery Expedition of Saint Charles Discuss Their Experiences During the Bicentennial

Re-enactment of the Corps of Discovery’s

Epic Journey

Auburn Public Library

Auburn, California

21 April 2007

On April 21, 2007, in spite of a heavy rain storm, fifty-three enthusiasts from across the state, and as far away as Cathlamet, WA, gathered to listen to two members of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles (DESC) discuss their experiences during the bicentennial.

Sid Stoffels (a.k.a Private Frazier) (Garden Valley, CA)  and John Hess (a.k.a. Patrick Gass) (Fairplay, CA), also members of the LCTHF and CALCTHF, delighted attendees as they discussed their expedition reenactment experiences, including some behind the scenes activities, and weaved descriptions of expedition related items they brought along into their presentation.

Margaret Miller, traveling all the way from her home in Cathlamet, WA, not only came dressed in her 1796 Empire dress, but she also prepared refreshments that included period food (dried salmon and two kinds of dried berries).

After Sid and John’s presentation, numerous discussions broke out as attendees wanted to know more about the expedition related items - including the flint and steel “matches”, Lewis' specially designed powder canisters, and John’s replica rifles.

Also in attendance was the past president of the Placer County Historical Society, George Lay,  who furnished some local wine for door prizes and presented our chapter with a photograph of the recently dedicated plaque in Old Town associated with Jean Baptiste “Pomp” Charbonneau.